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ASP driven CMS geared toward users who need a dynamic website without the programming knowledge. The idea is a modularized system where modules and/or components can be added and removed on the fly as per most CMSes.

The end product is to be very lightweight. The CMS itself will be very fast loading and standards complient. The speed of any website based off of ASPWeb will actually depend on the speed of any third party components/modules installed.

Ideally, a graphic designer should be able to make a killer design, drop the design into the templates directory of ASPWeb and with the addition of 2-5 tags, have a fully working dynamic website.

Data Access:
Initally, MS Access will be used as the backend data store, but ADODB connections and objects will be used throughout in order to make the CMS work on other DBMSes as well.

ASPWeb is was born in December of 2007 and currently is in need of:

1-2 ASP Developers
1 Graphic Designer

NOTE: Classic ASP is being used for the first stable release with future version being migrated to .NET. The rationale is for maximum capatibility.

Immediate Todo list:

  1. Design better project website. (waiting on graphic designer)
  2. Move Alpha release to beta. (needs security and 1-2 more components)
  3. Aquire at least one other Classic ASP developer to help create a RC1.

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